As we move into 2024, the United Kingdom stands out as a pivotal player in the lithium battery market, showcasing remarkable growth in production capabilities and technological innovation. This comprehensive exploration delves into the strategic supply chain centers within the UK, profiles the top six lithium ion battery manufacturers, and highlights key industry fairs essential for networking and growth. The focus on lithium battery production and energy storage manufacturers signifies the UK’s commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of Lithium Battery Manufacturers UK

Birmingham, England

Birmingham is increasingly recognized as a central hub for lithium battery production in the UK. The city’s industrial legacy, combined with its strategic focus on advanced manufacturing sectors, has fostered a conducive environment for lithium battery makers. The presence of leading research universities and technical institutes in Birmingham supports continuous innovation and skill development, crucial for the evolving demands of lithium ion battery pack manufacturers. This vibrant ecosystem encourages collaborations between academia and industry, speeding up the development of new lithium battery systems.

Coventry, England

In Coventry, the emphasis on automotive innovation has been instrumental in developing a robust lithium battery supply chain. Home to several cutting-edge automotive and EV lithium battery manufacturers, Coventry benefits from governmental support and significant investment in green technologies. The city’s facilities include state-of-the-art research and development centers that are pioneering advances in lithium ion batteries, making it a critical area for Solar battery manufacturers in UK. Coventry’s strategic initiatives aim to bolster the UK’s stance as a leader in sustainable transportation solutions.

Part 2.Top 6 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in the UK

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems

Located in Oxford, Johnson Matthey Battery Systems has been a significant figure in lithium battery production since its establishment. Specializing in high-quality lithium ion batteries for automotive and consumer electronics applications, the company prides itself on its bespoke battery solutions that enhance performance and safety. Johnson Matthey’s long history and commitment to sustainability are reflected in their continuous efforts to improve lithium battery efficiency and environmental impact.


Britishvolt, founded recently and based in Northumberland, represents the forefront of the UK’s ambition to lead in lithium ion battery technology. Focused on the construction of the UK’s first gigafactory for lithium batteries, Britishvolt aims to cater to the growing demand for EV lithium batteries. Their approach combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable manufacturing practices, positioning them as a pivotal force in the transition towards electric vehicles.

AMTE Power

AMTE Power, located in Thurso, Scotland, was established with a focus on developing lithium ion battery cells for specialized markets, including automotive, aerospace, and energy storage systems. Their product range demonstrates a robust commitment to innovation and quality, meeting stringent specifications required by these high-tech industries. AMTE Power’s contributions are crucial in driving the UK’s capabilities in high-performance lithium battery systems.


Situated in Sheffield, Faradion is at the cutting edge of sodium-ion technology, an alternative to traditional lithium ion batteries. Established to provide safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly battery options, Faradion’s work complements the lithium battery sector by offering diversified energy storage solutions. Their innovative approach not only challenges the status quo but also opens up new possibilities in the battery market.

Williams Advanced Engineering

Williams Advanced Engineering, based in Grove, England, leverages its background in Formula One to develop high-performance lithium batteries for motorsport and automotive applications. Their expertise in rapid charging and energy efficiency technologies has positioned them as leaders in the lithium battery UK market, with a focus on delivering solutions that enhance vehicle performance and sustainability.


One of the newest ventures in the UK’s lithium ion battery market, Hyperbat is a joint effort between Williams Advanced Engineering and Unipart, based in Coventry. Hyperbat focuses on producing high-quality lithium ion batteries for the automotive industry, capitalizing on advanced manufacturing techniques to meet the increasing demand for EV lithium batteries in the UK and Europe.

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Custom Lithium Ion Battery For Your Industries

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting of Lithium Ion Battery that you can take advantage of.

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Part 3.Main Fairs for Finding Lithium Battery Suppliers in UK

Battery Tech Expo UK

Held annually in Silverstone, the Battery Tech Expo brings together technology leaders and innovative professionals from the lithium battery industry. This event showcases the latest advancements in battery technology, including lithium ion battery systems and solutions for energy storage. Attendees can explore a wide range of products such as lifepo4 batteries, 12v lithium batteries, and advanced lithium ion battery packs. This expo is a must-attend for those keen on staying abreast with the dynamic pace of lithium battery production and meeting top lithium battery manufacturers UK.

Energy Storage Summit UK

Another significant event, the Energy Storage Summit, takes place in London. This summit is essential for stakeholders interested in the broader spectrum of energy storage technologies which include lifepo4 battery UK, 48v lithium battery UK, and even specialized segments like lithium marine battery UK and rv lithium battery UK. It provides an excellent platform for discussions on market trends, innovations, and regulatory frameworks influencing the energy storage manufacturers and lithium ion battery suppliers UK. The summit facilitates interactions with leaders in solar and renewable energy, making it invaluable for professionals looking to enhance their lithium battery systems and solutions.

Conclusion about Lithium Battery Manufacturers UK

In conclusion, the UK’s lithium battery industry is a dynamic and growing sector crucial to the advancement of energy solutions and technology. Understanding the key lithium battery manufacturers UK, the strategic supply chain centers, and the pivotal industry fairs is essential for anyone looking to navigate or contribute to this market effectively. These elements collectively shape the landscape of lithium battery innovation in the UK.

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Custom Lithium Ion Battery For Your Industries

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting of Lithium Ion Battery that you can take advantage of.

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