The rapid shift towards renewable energy sources is driving the market for energy storage systems. Energy storage is a vital component of this energy revolution as it aids in balancing supply and demand, enhancing grid stability, and reducing the intermittency issues related to renewable energy sources. In the United Kingdom, a country taking significant strides towards its carbon-neutral goal, several companies and locations have emerged as key players in the field of energy storage.

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Part 1: Supply Chain Centers of Energy Storage Factory in UK


Located in the heart of England, Birmingham is one of the leading supply chain centers for the energy storage factory in the UK. The city is a hub for innovation and has a rich industrial history, making it a suitable location for the advancement of energy storage technology. Birmingham is home to a host of technology parks and development centres, providing an ideal environment for energy storage manufacturers to establish their production lines. The city’s well-developed transport links also provide the necessary infrastructure for a robust supply chain, further strengthening Birmingham’s claim as a prominent energy storage hub.

Birmingham has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability, and this ethos is reflected in its drive towards energy storage. The city’s universities are also at the forefront of energy storage research, bringing together academic prowess and industry relevance. With a strong supply chain, access to skilled labour, and significant R&D capabilities, Birmingham stands as a potent force in the UK’s energy storage industry.


Newcastle, located in North East England, is another key supply chain centre in the UK’s energy storage landscape. A city rich in energy expertise and innovative companies, Newcastle is paving the way for advancements in energy storage technologies. The city’s advanced manufacturing and engineering sector have provided a fertile ground for energy storage manufacturers.

Newcastle’s port offers a strategic advantage to energy storage manufacturers by facilitating imports and exports, contributing to a strong supply chain. Additionally, the city’s focus on technology and innovation, combined with a strong commitment to a low-carbon economy, makes it an attractive location for energy storage manufacturing. The presence of renowned universities also provides research support and a skilled workforce, thereby bolstering Newcastle’s position as an energy storage hub.

Part 2: Top 5 Wholesale Energy Storage Manufacturers in UK

AES UK & Ireland

A prominent player in the UK’s energy storage market, AES UK & Ireland, based in London, has a rich history of delivering scalable, sustainable, and reliable power solutions. With a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, the company offers an extensive range of products, from single-phase ESS hybrid inverters to MPS hybrid inverters and AC coupled batteries.

AES UK & Ireland’s competitive advantage lies in its innovation and commitment to sustainability. The company employs advanced technologies and business models to ensure efficient energy management, making it a preferred choice for consumers looking for energy storage solutions.

RES (Renewable Energy Systems)

RES, based in Hertfordshire, is one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. Established over 35 years ago, the company is at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, offering a diverse range of energy storage solutions including three-phase ESS hybrid inverters, power conversion systems, and container type energy storage solutions

What sets RES apart is its global experience combined with local expertise. The company is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective energy storage solutions, contributing significantly to the UK’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality.


Based in London, Moixa has been a game-changer in the UK’s energy storage market. With a history of innovation and an impressive portfolio, the company specialises in smart energy storage systems and energy storage inverters. Moixa’s product range includes advanced energy storage battery cabinets and inverters, designed to facilitate efficient energy usage and lower carbon emissions.

Moixa’s competitive advantage lies in its smart energy management software that integrates seamlessly with their hardware, providing customers with a comprehensive energy storage solution. The company’s commitment to creating a sustainable future sets it apart in the competitive energy storage industry.

redT energy

redT energy, based in London, is a leader in the design and manufacture of energy storage solutions. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company offers a broad range of products, including container type energy storage systems and energy storage inverters.

redT energy distinguishes itself through its patented vanadium redox flow technology, providing durable and efficient energy storage solutions. The company’s expertise in delivering customised solutions caters to various energy requirements, establishing redT energy as a trusted player in the energy storage market.


Powervault, a London-based company, is a leading provider of home energy storage systems. Established with a mission to lower electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions, the company’s product range includes smart energy storage battery cabinets and advanced hybrid inverters.

Powervault’s unique selling proposition lies in its customer-centric approach, providing smart, simple, and economical energy storage solutions. The company’s products are designed to maximise solar self-consumption and provide emergency power during outages, making Powervault a preferred choice for home energy storage.

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Part 3:Certification for Energy Storage in UK Market

In the UK, energy storage systems must meet specific certification requirements to ensure safety, performance, and compliance with national and international standards. Key certifications include the British Standards (BS), European Norms (EN), and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

BS EN 62619 and BS EN 62620 are key standards that deal with safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries for use in industrial applications. On the other hand, the IEC 62485 series of standards provides safety requirements for batteries during their entire life cycle.

Additionally, energy storage systems used in grid-connected applications need to comply with the G99/1 standard in the UK. This standard deals with the engineering recommendation for the connection of energy storage systems to the distribution network.

Compliance with these certifications ensures that energy storage systems are safe, reliable, and perform as expected. Therefore, choosing certified energy storage manufacturers, such as the ones mentioned above, is essential for end-users.

Conclusion about Energy Storage Manufacturers in UK

To conclude, the UK is home to several renowned energy storage manufacturers, offering a range of products from single-phase ESS hybrid inverters to container type energy storage systems. Birmingham and Newcastle, with their robust supply chains and commitment to innovation, are key locations for energy storage manufacturing. Furthermore, the certification standards in place ensure the safety and reliability of energy storage systems. As the demand for renewable energy grows, the energy storage market in the UK will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

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We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting or Energy Storage Inverter samples that you can take advantage of.

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