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In the world where sustainable and efficient energy solutions are in high demand, we at have made it our mission to be the leading supplier of professional-grade rigid solar panels. Leveraging our industry expertise and a deep understanding of solar technology, we deliver products that embody performance, resilience, and cutting-edge innovation.

Rigid solar panel is time-proven products, and it is the iconic product in the solar panel family. Power up your RV and hit the open road with Sungold’s RV solar panel kit. Experience the freedom of unlimited energy while reducing your carbon footprint.

Rigid Solar Panel Wholesale

Product Range

Discover our wide array of professional-grade rigid solar panels, each series meticulously designed to cater to a diverse set of energy needs. The robust SGM Series excels in large-scale applications, while our SGD Series combines compact design with impressive power output, ideal for residential and smaller commercial setups. For top-tier performance and efficiency, our SGSP Series delivers unparalleled energy conversion rates. Those with space constraints will appreciate the SGM2-375W, balancing compact size with high energy yield. Finally, for off-grid solutions, the durable and portable SG-MD-200W is your perfect companion. At, we provide a variety of solar solutions, all to empower your step towards a sustainable future with the sun’s endless energy.

sgm solar panel

SGM Series

SGD series

SGD series

sgsp solar panel

SGSP Solar Panel





portable solar panel

Portable Solar Panel


High Efficiency offers fully rigid frame monocrystalline solar modules at the best solar panel prices to customers worldwide. the SGM series can charge 12V batteries such as boats, RVs, or any other system with 12V batteries or battery packs.

Long service life and stable output

RV rigid solar panel kits are encapsulated with tempered glass and high-quality materials to provide good protection while ensuring stable output.

SGM series
sgd series


Adopting Shingled technology

By adopting Shingled technology, zero cell spacing is achieved, which greatly reduces the encapsulation gap. This effectively increases the light-receiving area of the module and greatly increases the power.

Durable and waterproof

The connection between the glass panel and the aluminum frame is encapsulated with solar silicone, which does not allow any moisture to enter. SGD series rigid solar panel has IP67 waterproof grade, and the product will not be affected by rain or water ingress as a whole.


Perfect after-sales service and a long warranty period

All residential and commercial panels are backed by the industry-leading 10-year Sungold Complete Confidence panel warranty.

Higher energy conversion rates

SGSP Series rigid solar panels are covered with high-efficiency solar cells for higher conversion efficiency.

SGBF series


Multifunctional application

SGBF Series solar panels are suitable for RV life, for home, outdoor lights, camping, blinking outdoor cameras, generators, power stations, etc.

Sturdy and durable

SGBF Series is protected by multi-layer high-efficiency material, which is resistant to high temperature, scratch and impact. Up to 22.7% high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels for easy installation, long life and low maintenance costs.


Offering colored glass solar panel options

You can choose from colored solar panels or conventional rigid solar panels as well as lightweight flexible solar panels. sungold provides you with aluminum brackets for attaching the solar panels to the railing.

Matching bracket and micro inverter

The micro-inverter connected to WIFI helps you monitor the power generated by the balcony system. You can download the APP on your cell phone. Then you can monitor the power generation and consumption of the solar panel in the APP.

balcony solar system

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You don’t need to have any experience in importing Rigid Solar Panel wholesale from China, because a professional Rigid Solar Panel supplier will guide you step by step until you receive it in your country, We have exported Rigid Solar Panel to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, UK, and EU.

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We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting or samples that you can take advantage of.

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