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Welcome to, a distinguished name in the solar energy industry with a solid track record that spans over 15 years. We are devoted to the manufacturing and supply of an extensive range of high-quality solar panels and accessories that cater to a myriad of energy needs. Our well-grounded expertise in the solar industry coupled with our consistent commitment to innovation allows us to provide cutting-edge and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our portfolio includes Portable Solar Panels, Flexible Solar Panels, Rigid Solar Panels, and Folding Solar Panels, each carefully designed and manufactured to maximize efficiency and durability. Our Portable Solar Panels are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for outdoor adventures, while our Flexible Solar Panels are perfect for installations with limited or irregular spaces. The Rigid Solar Panels we produce guarantee robust performance and longevity, perfect for long-term stationary applications. Lastly, our Folding Solar Panels, known for their convenience and easy mobility, are perfect for travelers, campers, and emergency backup power systems.

Mono PV Module


A monocrystalline solar panel is an assembly composed of several monocrystalline silicon solar cells assembled on a panel in a certain manner.

solar panel 540w

540-550W Panel

450watt solar panel manufacturer

450W Panel

410w solar panel manufacturer

395-415W Panel

580w 590w solar panel manufacturer

580-590W Topcon

705w solar panel manufacturer

685-705W Topcon

300w solar panel manufacturer

300-330W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

250-280W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

150-170W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

100-115W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

80-90W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

50-55W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

40W Panel 

280w solar panel manufacturer

30W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

20W Panel

280w solar panel manufacturer

5W Panel



Hi-Power series, lighter, more suitable for portable power station

portable solar panel



Developed with patented material technology, high-efficiency cell design

tf series

Rigid Solar Panel


The SGM series can charge 12V batteries such as boats, RVs, or any other system with 12V batteries or battery packs.

sgd series

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You don’t need to have any experience in importing solar panel wholesale from China, because a professional solar panel supplier will guide you step by step until you receive it in your country, We have exported Portable Solar Panels to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, UK, and EU. But how to verify good quality when you buy Rigid Solar Panels wholesale from China, Contact us for more details.

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