The landscape of lithium ion battery manufacturing in Germany has seen rapid growth and innovation, positioning it as a key player in the global shift towards renewable energy and electric mobility. German technology and engineering prowess have significantly contributed to advancements in lithium ion battery technology, making it an essential hub for both research and production in the energy sector. This article explores the intricate supply chain centers across Germany, details the top five lithium ion battery manufacturers in Germany, and highlights major fairs that bring together industry leaders and innovators.

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of German Lithium Battery Manufacturers


Dresden is another key player in the German lithium ion battery scene, particularly noted for its focus on the development of lifepo4 batteries and other lithium cell manufacturers in Germany. The city has developed a niche in high-quality lithium battery production, supported by its strong semiconductor and electronics sectors.

Dresden’s manufacturers are at the forefront of integrating new materials and technologies to enhance battery efficiency and longevity. The city’s emphasis on collaboration between industry and academia propels forward-thinking approaches to battery manufacturing, ensuring advancements in lithium ion battery solutions tailored for a variety of applications, including solar battery manufacturers in Germany.


Stuttgart stands as a pivotal center for lithium battery production in Germany, home to several leading lithium ion battery pack manufacturers. The city’s strong automotive industry background provides a robust foundation for lithium battery makers, fostering extensive R&D facilities and skilled labor. Manufacturers here benefit from proximity to automotive giants, integrating advanced lithium ion battery technologies into electric vehicles (EVs) efficiently.

Part 2.Top 5 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Germany


Based in Itzehoe, Customcells is a rising star in the lithium ion battery Germany landscape, having been founded in 2012. As a leading developer and manufacturer, Customcells offers specialized high-performance lithium ion batteries tailored to specific customer requirements. Their products serve a variety of industries, including automotive, marine, aerospace, and stationary energy storage systems.

The competitive edge for Customcells lies in their flexible manufacturing process that can produce both small-scale custom battery systems and larger series productions. Their innovative approach allows for the development of unique battery solutions, such as 48v lithium ion batteries and 12v lithium batteries, that cater to specific market needs, setting them apart from traditional mass manufacturers.


Darmstadt-based AKASOL operates prominently within the lithium ion battery pack manufacturers sector, having been established in 2008. The company specializes in high-performance battery systems for buses, commercial vehicles, trains, and industrial vehicles. AKASOL’s product line reflects a strong commitment to high energy density and long lifecycle, which are critical for the demanding applications they serve.

AKASOL’s advantage is their depth of experience in managing complex battery system projects and their ability to provide custom solutions that meet stringent European standards for safety and performance. Their state-of-the-art production facility, which is among the largest in Europe for commercial battery systems, showcases their capability to scale up production while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.


TerraE, founded in 2017 and located in Frankfurt am Main, represents a collaborative effort among several leading German companies and research institutions to scale up lithium ion battery production in response to growing demand from the electric vehicle and energy storage markets. TerraE is planning to build large-scale lithium battery factories in Germany, modeled on the Gigafactory concept.

The strength of TerraE lies in its consortium structure, which includes material suppliers, machinery constructors, cell manufacturers, and end-users. This integrated approach ensures that the entire production process, from raw material to finished lithium ion battery packs, is optimized for efficiency and innovation. TerraE’s focus on building a robust lithium ion battery Germany supply chain is critical for securing Germany’s position in the global shift towards renewable energy technologies.

Volkswagen Group

Another titan in the automotive sector, Volkswagen Group, also stands out among lithium ion battery manufacturers in Germany. Founded in 1937, Volkswagen has been pivotal in shaping the automotive landscape. Their transition towards electric mobility includes developing cutting-edge lithium ion battery technologies, especially for electric vehicles. The Group’s extensive range includes batteries for all-electric and hybrid vehicles, made in their prominent Braunschweig facility.

Volkswagen’s advantage in the battery manufacturing sector is driven by their robust R&D capabilities and comprehensive approach to electrification. Their global footprint and significant investment in battery technology development allow them to produce high-quality and resilient lithium ion battery systems. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their pursuit of advancing phosphate battery manufacturers and enhancing the energy density and safety of their batteries.


BMW, headquartered in Munich, has become a significant player in lithium ion battery manufacturing in Germany, primarily focusing on EV lithium battery manufacturers. Established in 1916, BMW initially started as an aircraft engine manufacturer and has since evolved into one of the world’s leading luxury automobile makers, including advancements in electric vehicles and associated lithium ion battery technologies. BMW’s production includes a wide range of lithium ion battery packs tailored for automotive applications, highlighting their strong push towards electrification.

BMW’s strategic advantage lies in its deep integration of battery production within its automotive manufacturing processes, ensuring high-quality, efficient, and innovative lithium battery systems. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their production techniques, which emphasize reduced carbon footprints and enhanced battery life cycles. BMW’s facilities in Leipzig and Dingolfing are pivotal in their battery manufacturing, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting the electric vehicle revolution in Germany and beyond.

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Part 3.Main Fairs for Finding Lithium Ion Battery Companies in Germany

The Battery Show Europe

The Battery Show Europe is one of the premier fairs for lithium ion battery manufacturers in Germany and across Europe, providing a comprehensive platform for the latest innovations in battery technology. Held annually in Stuttgart, this event gathers hundreds of leading suppliers and manufacturers from around the world. It’s an essential venue for networking, discovering new technologies, and learning about the latest trends and solutions in lithium ion battery production and design.

ees Europe

ees Europe, held in Munich, is another critical event focusing on electrical energy storage solutions, including lithium ion batteries. It brings together industry leaders, innovators, and startups from the energy storage sector, showcasing a wide range of products from 12v lithium batteries to large-scale lithium ion battery pack systems. The fair serves as an ideal platform for companies looking to make their mark in the EV lithium battery market, with numerous opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Conclusion about Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Germany

Germany stands as a pivotal hub in the lithium ion battery landscape, backed by its innovative manufacturers and strategic supply chain centers. The Battery Show Europe and ees Europe further bolster this position by fostering collaborations and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. These elements collectively strengthen Germany’s role in driving the global transition towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

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Custom Lithium Ion Battery For Your Industries

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting of Lithium Ion Battery that you can take advantage of.

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