Oman’s position as a hub for battery suppliers has significantly strengthened over the recent years, driven by rapid advancements in technology and increasing demand for energy solutions. As the world shifts towards greener and more sustainable energy sources, the focus on lithium battery suppliers has intensified. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the vibrant landscape of battery suppliers in Oman, emphasizing lithium battery production and the strategic supply chain centers throughout the country. Furthermore, we delve into the details of the top lithium battery manufacturers, covering their histories, product ranges, and unique advantages in the market.

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of Battery Suppliers in Oman


Muscat, the capital of Oman, stands as a central hub for lithium battery manufacturers. The city’s strategic location on the Gulf of Oman not only facilitates maritime logistics but also serves as a crossroads for trade routes linking the East and the West. This unique position has attracted numerous battery suppliers, including giants in the lithium battery production sector. Suppliers in Muscat are well-equipped, utilizing advanced technologies to produce a wide range of batteries, from cr2032 and cr123a batteries to larger 12v and 48v lithium ion batteries.


Sohar, another pivotal city in Oman’s industrial landscape, has developed into a vital supply chain center for battery suppliers. Leveraging its vast industrial port, Sohar facilitates the import of raw materials and the export of finished products, including specialized items like lifepo4 batteries and 200ah lithium batteries. The presence of free zones and an investor-friendly climate encourages battery manufacturers to establish state-of-the-art production facilities here.

Part 2.Top 3 Lithium Battery Suppliers in Oman

Reem Batteries

Reem Batteries & Power Appliances Co SAOC, a standout in Oman’s lithium battery sector, was established in 1991. As part of the esteemed Omzest group, this 100% Omani-owned company prides itself on manufacturing superior-quality batteries and is celebrated for being the largest dry charged battery producer in the Middle East. Reem Batteries has a wide product range that includes everything from standard automotive batteries to specialized solutions for industrial energy storage and renewable energy applications.

The company’s commitment to excellence has not only earned it the prestigious His Majesty’s Cup in Oman several times but also a credible reputation among oil & gas operators and other industry buyers as a JSRS Certified Supplier. Situated in Rusayl Industrial City, Reem Batteries continues to enhance its offerings, ensuring flexibility and innovative solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clientele, thus reinforcing its position as a leader in the lithium battery market in Oman.

Amaron Battery

Amaron batteries, produced by Amara Raja Batteries Ltd., are renowned for their high-quality construction and long-lasting performance. Although headquartered in India, Amaron has a significant presence in Oman, providing a variety of batteries that include automotive, industrial, and solar batteries. Their products are well-regarded for their durability and reliability in extreme weather conditions, which is critical in Oman’s challenging environments.

Amaron’s advanced technology ensures their batteries have longer life spans and faster charging capabilities, making them a preferred choice for many consumers in Oman. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to drive their success in the region, catering to a growing market for efficient and sustainable battery solutions.

Varta Battery

Varta, a globally recognized leader in battery technology, operates in Oman with a focus on delivering high-performance batteries for automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Varta’s batteries are known for their precision engineering and exceptional quality, attributes that have made them a popular choice in the Omani market. Their product lineup includes a wide range of batteries, from small device batteries like the CR2032 to large-scale industrial applications.

With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Varta has maintained its reputation by continually advancing its technology and expanding its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers and industries. In Oman, Varta’s batteries are synonymous with reliability and long-lasting power, making them essential to many sectors, including automotive and renewable energy.

Conclusion about Battery Suppliers in Oman

In conclusion, Oman’s lithium battery industry is marked by the presence of leading suppliers like Reem Batteries, Amaron, and Varta. Each brings distinct strengths to the market, from innovative technologies to robust product lines, catering to diverse energy needs. Their contributions are pivotal in positioning Oman as a key player in the global energy sector, driving sustainability and technological advancement.

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