The ever-innovative solar industry has recently seen a surge of interest in transparent solar panels. These devices, offering both practical functionality and design appeal, represent a new frontier in renewable energy. They blend seamlessly into everyday spaces like windows and building facades, effectively converting them into solar power generators without affecting their aesthetic appeal. This article delves into the world of transparent solar panels, outlining the major supply chain centers, profiling the top manufacturers in the field, and examining global certification standards

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Part 1: 3 Largest Supply Chain Centers of Transparent Solar Panels


China, being the world leader in solar panel production, is also a significant contributor to the supply chain of transparent solar panels. With its robust manufacturing capabilities and extensive investment in renewable energy research and development, China has facilitated the growth of numerous manufacturers specializing in portable solar panels and flexible solar panels.

United States

The US is another significant player in the transparent solar panel market. Notable research institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Michigan State University have made strides in the development of transparent photovoltaics. This high level of innovation, paired with a solid manufacturing infrastructure, has positioned the US as a hub for folding solar panels and rigid solar panels production.


(Germany and Spain): Europe, with Germany and Spain leading the charge, forms an integral part of the supply chain. Both countries have seen a rise in the number of manufacturers focusing on transparent solar panels due to the supportive regulatory framework and the high demand for renewable energy sources.

Part 2: Top 10 Transparent Solar Panel Manufacturers

Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy is a transparent solar panel pioneer nestled in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California. The company is changing the way we think about solar energy by transforming everyday surfaces into renewable energy sources without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Their groundbreaking ClearView Power™ technology is a testament to this commitment, enabling the production of transparent solar panels that are virtually indistinguishable from conventional glass

Further setting Ubiquitous Energy apart is their diverse product range that features a multitude of folding solar panels and portable solar panels. These offerings are designed with versatility and convenience in mind, allowing users to harness solar energy wherever they may be. With the potential to turn any transparent surface into an energy source, Ubiquitous Energy is not only pushing the boundaries of solar technology but also revolutionizing our perception of the environments we live and work in.

Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar, based in Ávila, Spain, has emerged as a leading force in the photovoltaic sector thanks to its innovative and high-performing solar solutions. Their product portfolio comprises an impressive array of solar panels, including transparent and semi-transparent photovoltaic glass. These offerings are tailored to blend seamlessly into building architecture, transforming walls, roofs, and windows into functional, energy-generating elements.

What sets Onyx Solar apart from the crowd is their unwavering dedication to custom-tailoring solar solutions to meet clients’ unique requirements. From rigid solar panels that cater to the needs of traditional building designs, to cutting-edge solar inverters that optimize energy conversion, Onyx Solar offers a comprehensive suite of products that cater to a wide spectrum of solar energy needs. Their solutions artfully combine functionality and aesthetics, making solar power an attractive option for architects and builders around the globe.


UK-based Polysolar is renowned for its pioneering transparent solar panel technologies that are revolutionizing the way buildings produce and consume energy. Their innovative transparent solar panels can be integrated into various architectural elements such as windows, facades, and even conservatories, transforming them into sources of clean energy without altering their design.

Polysolar’s unique selling proposition lies in their rigid solar panels that mimic the appearance of traditional glass, allowing for a more aesthetic incorporation of solar technology into architectural designs. The company also offers a range of solar inverters that optimizes the energy conversion process, further enhancing the efficiency of their solar solutions. With their advanced, design-friendly technologies, Polysolar is driving the shift towards sustainable, energy-efficient buildings.

SolarWindow Technologies

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, SolarWindow Technologies is propelling the future of renewable energy with its innovative electricity-generating windows. This cutting-edge solution transforms skyscrapers and tall towers into vertical power generators, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

In addition to their mainstay product, SolarWindow offers a broad selection of portable solar panels and flexible solar panels. These options offer additional versatility for various applications and settings. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability positions them at the forefront of the transparent solar panel industry, providing the market with viable, renewable energy alternatives that promise considerable benefits in energy savings and carbon reduction.


SolarGaps is a dynamic Ukrainian start-up that has made significant strides in the solar industry with its smart solar blinds. These unique solar solutions merge the concept of window shades with solar technology, creating an energy-efficient solution that not only blocks the sun but also generates electricity.

Aside from their flagship product, SolarGaps also provides a range of rigid solar panels and solar inverters. Their dedication to creating practical, energy-saving solutions has earned them a commendable reputation in the industry. SolarGaps continues to explore the potential of integrating solar technology into everyday home and office items, truly embodying their motto of ‘energy everywhere’.

Brite Solar

Based in Greece, Brite Solar is a technology provider in the solar energy sector, known for their energy-efficient, transparent solar panels. Their unique PanePower™ Solar Window combines the benefits of energy production, insulation, and light management in a single product.

Beyond their transparent solar solutions, Brite Solar offers a variety of solar inverters to maximize energy utilization. Their solutions aim to increase energy efficiency, particularly in greenhouse applications, leading the way in sustainable farming practices. Brite Solar continues to focus on providing affordable and eco-friendly solutions, highlighting their commitment to making solar energy accessible to all.

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ClearVue Technologies

ClearVue Technologies, an Australian company, is gaining momentum in the solar sector for its advanced building-integrated photovoltaic (B-IPV) technology. Their sophisticated system integrates solar technology into glass, enabling buildings to generate their own electricity without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

ClearVue’s expansive product range includes flexible solar panels and various solar inverters, designed to cater to diverse energy needs. Through these offerings, ClearVue Technologies not only enables efficient energy generation but also actively encourages sustainable building practices worldwide.

Triview Glass Industries

Triview Glass Industries, based in the United States, has made significant strides in the glass industry with its commitment to innovation and quality. Their range of Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) are notable for their integration of photovoltaic cells, transforming traditional architectural elements into efficient energy generators.

In addition to their energy-generating IGUs, Triview also offers a range of portable and folding solar panels, designed to provide an efficient energy solution in diverse contexts. Triview Glass Industries’ commitment to innovation and sustainability distinguishes them as a future-ready manufacturer in the solar industry.


Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that delivers the world’s most powerful bifacial double-glass panels. Based in Sunnyvale, California, Sunpreme’s innovative design approach enables the production of panels that offer increased energy yield and lower operational costs.

Beyond their innovative panel design, Sunpreme also provides a range of solar inverters to maximize energy utilization and operational efficiency. Through its commitment to innovation, durability, and superior performance, Sunpreme aims to transform the future of sustainable energy.

Energias de Portugal (EDP)

EDP is a global energy company from Portugal, taking the lead in creating solutions for a sustainable future. One of their innovative projects involves the use of double-sided solar panels that capture sunlight from both sides, increasing overall energy generation efficiency.

Aside from their groundbreaking solar solutions, EDP also offers a range of portable and folding solar panels, catering to a variety of energy needs. EDP’s innovative approach to renewable energy generation establishes them as a leading figure in the movement towards a sustainable future.

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Part 3: Certification for Transparent Solar Panels in the Global Market

For any solar product to gain credibility and acceptance in the global market, certain certifications are essential. These certifications are significant in ensuring the safety, quality, and reliability of solar panels, providing assurance to consumers that the products meet international standards. This is particularly crucial for new technologies such as transparent solar panels, which are still gaining momentum in the industry.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC):

The IEC provides two key certifications for solar panels – IEC 61215 and IEC 61730. The IEC 61215 certification is a test of a solar panel’s performance and durability under different environmental conditions, while the IEC 61730 pertains to the safety of the solar panel. These certifications are considered the industry standard and are globally recognized.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL):

UL is another prominent certification body that provides safety certifications for solar products. The UL 1703 certification specifically applies to flat-plate photovoltaic panels and modules, which would cover transparent solar panels. This certification involves a series of tests to assess the safety and performance of the solar panel.


VDE Testing and Certification Institute is a globally renowned body that offers testing services for solar products. Their certifications are widely accepted, especially in European markets. They offer a variety of certifications related to solar panels and modules, including safety and performance tests.

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Conclusion about Transparent Solar Panel Manufacturers

In conclusion, as the world continues to transition towards sustainable energy sources, the role of innovative technologies like transparent solar panels cannot be overstated. With numerous manufacturers investing in research and development to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the future of transparent solar panels looks promising. Certifications play a key role in this process, offering a guarantee of safety and quality to consumers and helping to build trust in these new technologies.

It’s important to remember that while choosing a solar panel, whether it’s a portable solar panel, a flexible solar panel, a rigid solar panel, or a folding solar panel, looking for a reputable solar panel manufacturer and solar inverter manufacturer with the necessary certifications will ensure you’re getting a reliable, high-quality product. As the industry continues to evolve, we can anticipate further advancements that will make solar energy even more accessible and efficient.