In recent years, the United Kingdom (UK) has made significant strides in harnessing solar energy, becoming one of Europe’s top solar powerhouses. The growth of the solar industry in the UK has paved the way for numerous manufacturers and suppliers to establish their presence in the market. Whether it’s LG’s solar panels in the UK, locally made UK manufactured solar panels, or top-performing inverters manufacturers in the UK, the options for consumers are diverse and robust. This article provides an in-depth look at the two largest solar panel supply chain centers in the UK, ten of the best UK solar panel manufacturers, and the certification standards that govern the UK’s solar market. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of solar power in the UK.

Location (Headquarters): Shenzhen, China
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Part 1:2 Largest Suppliers Center of Solar Panels Made in UK

The United Kingdom, with its commitment towards renewable energy, hosts multiple large-scale solar panels supply centers. These supply centers form the backbone of the solar industry in the UK, ensuring the timely distribution of solar panels across the country.

The Midlands:

Often referred to as the heartland of the British manufacturing sector, the Midlands region in England hosts several solar panel distribution centers and warehouses. These facilities store and distribute a wide variety of solar panels made in the UK as well as imported panels, serving a multitude of solar panel manufacturers and installers. Furthermore, this region boasts a robust logistics network, ensuring efficient and quick distribution of solar panels across the UK..

London and South East England

Another significant hub for solar panel supply in the UK is the region encompassing London and South East England. Several manufacturers, including renowned solar panel suppliers UK and inverter manufacturers in the UK, have set up their distribution centers here, mainly due to the proximity to a large consumer market. This region not only serves the high-demand urban areas but also exports to other regions, making it a vital cog in the solar supply chain in the UK.

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Part 2: Best 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in UK

Sharp Solar

A globally recognized brand, Sharp Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer in the UK. The company’s history in solar panel manufacturing extends back to 1959, with a constant drive to innovate and provide superior solar solutions. Sharp Solar produces a wide range of solar panels, maintaining its position as one of the top solar panel manufacturers in UK. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to quality and performance has solidified its reputation among the best solar panel suppliers UK.

LG Solar

A division of the global technology giant LG, LG Solar has made a significant impact in the UK solar market. Known for their innovative technology and top-quality products, LG solar panels UK are amongst the best in the market. LG Solar’s product range covers both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels with high efficiency and excellent build quality. As a company, LG has continuously invested in its solar division, making significant strides in terms of technology, productivity, and durability.


Panasonic, a household name in electronics, has also made its mark in the solar industry in the UK. Renowned for their superior quality and high-efficiency solar panels, Panasonic solar panels UK are highly sought after. Panasonic’s HIT range of solar panels, which offers high energy output even in low light conditions, has been particularly well received. With decades of experience and commitment to sustainability, Panasonic is indeed one of the top solar panel manufacturers in the UK.


Romag is a homegrown UK solar company, manufacturing solar panels since 2001. The company specializes in the production of photovoltaic (PV) glass and has emerged as one of the top solar PV suppliers UK. Romag’s product range is vast, encompassing everything from standard solar panels to integrated PV systems and solar tiles. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has cemented its place as one of the leading British solar panel manufacturers.

Perlight Solar:

Another UK manufactured solar panels provider, Perlight Solar, is a renowned name in the solar industry. The company’s focus lies on high-quality, high-efficiency solar panels that provide excellent performance. Perlight’s solar panels, which feature advanced PV technology, are recognized for their reliability, durability, and excellent energy yield. Additionally, Perlight Solar has proven itself to be an innovator in the industry, consistently enhancing its products and services based on market needs and trends.

Viridian Solar

Based in Cambridge, Viridian Solar is known for its high-quality, aesthetically pleasing solar panels. The company’s product range, mainly its Clearline fusion series, is designed to blend seamlessly with the roof, making it a favourite among homeowners and architects. As one of the leading PV manufacturers UK, Viridian Solar also boasts an impressive range of solar thermal collectors. The company is dedicated to sustainable practices, manufacturing products in the UK and focusing on recyclable materials and packaging.


While not a native UK manufacturer, BISOL Group has a strong presence in the UK solar market. BISOL’s high-quality, European-made solar panels have been embraced by the UK market, and the company has established itself as a prominent solar panel supplier in UK. BISOL offers a wide range of photovoltaic modules suitable for all types of installations, from residential rooftops to large-scale solar farms.

JA Solar

Another international manufacturer, JA Solar, has a significant presence in the UK solar market. The company offers a wide variety of high-efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, making it one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers UK. JA Solar’s products are well-known for their durability, reliability, and excellent performance under various conditions.


SunPower is a leading global solar company with a strong footprint in the UK. Known for their high-efficiency solar panels, SunPower’s products deliver reliable, long-term performance. The company’s solar panels feature the Maxeon® solar cell technology, designed to be durable and highly efficient. SunPower is committed to sustainability and ensures its manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

Trina Solar

SolarTech Universal is a high-tech solar panel manufacturer based in Riviera Beach, Florida. The company prides itself on using innovative manufacturing techniques and materials, ensuring the production of high-quality solar panels.

A world-leading solar manufacturer, Trina Solar, has been a key player in the UK solar market for several years. The company offers a broad array of solar solutions, including solar panels, energy storage systems, and smart energy solutions. Trina Solar’s panels are known for their high efficiency, durability, and excellent performance, making them a favourite amongst solar equipment suppliers UK.

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Part 3:Certification for Solar Panels in the Market of UK

In the UK, solar panels and related equipment must meet specific standards to ensure safety, reliability, and performance. One of the key certifications is the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which certifies products and installers in the renewable energy sector. MCS-certified products meet rigorous quality and performance standards, providing assurance to consumers about the reliability of their solar installations.

Furthermore, the British Board of Agrément (BBA) also provides certification for solar panels. BBA-certified solar panels have undergone stringent testing and assessment to verify their durability, efficiency, and performance. These certifications play a vital role in maintaining the high standard of solar products available in the UK market.


Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in UK

In conclusion, the UK solar industry is home to a plethora of manufacturers and suppliers, each providing their unique offerings and expertise. From homegrown manufacturers such as and Perlight Solar to international players like SunPower and Trina Solar, the UK solar market is thriving with options. With ongoing technological advancements and growing environmental consciousness, the demand for solar energy in the UK is poised to continue growing. The stringent certifications from bodies like the MCS and BBA further ensure that the products and services in the market uphold the highest standards of quality and performance. With this extensive choice of high-quality solar panels and inverters, consumers in the UK are well-equipped to make the shift towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Whether you’re in the market for solar panels made in UK or looking for reliable solar panel suppliers in UK, the options are vast and varied. These top manufacturers are not just businesses, but pioneers leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future. By choosing solar, you’re not only making a wise investment, but also contributing to the broader global effort towards cleaner, renewable energy.

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