Thailand, known for its rich culture and picturesque landscapes, is also quickly becoming a global leader in renewable energy. The country’s strategic location and climate make it an ideal place for harnessing solar energy, fostering a diverse range of solar panel manufacturers and suppliers. The following companies are at the forefront of Thailand’s solar revolution, each bringing unique strengths to the table, whether in their advanced manufacturing techniques, commitment to sustainability, or comprehensive product range.

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Part 1: Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in Thailand

Solartron Public Company Limited

Founded in 2003, Solartron Public Company Limited has become a leading solar panel manufacturer in Thailand. Based in Bangna, Bangkok, the company is fully committed to renewable energy and aims to provide quality solar panels designed for optimal performance and durability. Solartron’s product range encompasses a variety of PV modules, suitable for both commercial and residential applications

Further cementing Solartron’s status as a leading solar company is its excellent aftersales service and dedication to customer satisfaction. Their continued commitment to innovative technology and high-quality products make them a preferred choice for many consumers seeking reliable solar solutions.

Risen Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Risen Energy, a Chinese company established in 1986, has extended its manufacturing and distribution network to Thailand. Located in the Amata City Industrial Estate in Rayong, this solar cell manufacturer in Thailand is known for its high-quality photovoltaic products, including solar cells, modules, and complete photovoltaic power generation systems.

Risen Energy (Thailand) is highly committed to technological innovation, continuously improving the efficiency and stability of its solar products. The company’s manufacturing prowess coupled with their robust quality control measures has positioned them as a notable player in Thailand’s solar market.

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited

Energy Absolute Public Company Limited, a homegrown renewable energy company, operates one of the largest solar panel manufacturing facilities in Thailand. The company’s massive 72MW photovoltaic module production facility is located in Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya. They offer an extensive product range, which includes solar cells, modules, and complete photovoltaic power generation systems.

The company’s mission is to contribute to Thailand’s energy sustainability by focusing on renewable energy. They commit to continuous research and development to innovate their solar products, maintaining their reputation as a top solar panel supplier in Thailand.

Yingli Green Energy

Although Yingli Green Energy is a global company, they have a significant presence in Thailand’s solar market. Recognized for its strong commitment to sustainable solar energy, Yingli offers a range of efficient, reliable, and affordable solar panels, making it a favored choice among customers in Thailand.

Yingli’s solar panels are renowned for their high energy yield and durability. They continuously focus on technological advancement, ensuring that their products are both innovative and in line with the needs of today’s dynamic solar market.

Trina Solar

Another global player in the solar industry with operations in Thailand is Trina Solar. Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is one of the world’s leading total solutions providers for solar energy. Their manufacturing facility in Thailand produces a wide range of high-quality solar products.

Trina Solar’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior product quality have made it a trusted solar panel supplier in Thailand. They offer panels designed for various applications, ensuring customers can find the right solutions for their specific needs

Solartron Public Company Limited

With over 30 years of experience, Solartron Public Company Limited is a pioneer in the solar industry in Thailand. They offer a wide range of photovoltaic products including mono and poly-crystalline modules, serving both residential and commercial clients.

Located in Samut Prakan, Solartron’s manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the production of high-quality solar panels. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability make them one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in Thailand.

Soleos Solar Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Nonthaburi, Soleos Solar Co., Ltd. is another leading manufacturer and supplier of solar panels in Thailand. The company was established in 2009, and since then, it has been providing an extensive range of photovoltaic products, including mono and poly-crystalline modules.

Soleos is known for its commitment to quality and efficiency. Their solar panels undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure high performance and durability, meeting the needs of the local market and contributing to the growth of solar energy in Thailand.

LG Solar

LG Solar, a branch of the globally recognized LG brand, also has a strong presence in Thailand’s solar industry. They offer a wide variety of high-quality solar panels, known for their durability and efficiency

Their solar panels utilize the latest technology and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them a popular choice for customers in Thailand. The company’s dedication to innovation and quality makes LG Solar a trusted name in the Thai solar market.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is another leading global manufacturer that has expanded its reach to Thailand. The company provides advanced photovoltaic products including solar panels and solar power plants, contributing to the development of the renewable energy industry in Thailand.

Jinko Solar’s commitment to quality and technological advancement is evident in its wide range of products. They offer high-efficiency solar panels that are designed to maximize energy production, making Jinko Solar a preferred supplier for customers in Thailand.

REC Group

The last on our list is the REC Group, a company that has established itself as a significant player in the Thailand solar market. The company, founded in Norway in 1996, is known for its TwinPeak and Alpha series solar panels, which have gained immense popularity for their exceptional efficiency and durability.

The REC Group has a significant presence in Thailand, with its solar panels being utilized in both residential and commercial solar projects across the country. REC Group’s commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation, along with its robust product offerings, makes it a favored choice among solar panel suppliers in Thailand.

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Part 2: Certification for Solar Panels in the Market of Thailand

In Thailand, solar panels and the associated equipment need to conform to the standards set by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). TISI provides certification for different types of solar panels based on international standards.

Solar panels that are imported or manufactured locally must pass TISI’s safety and performance tests. This ensures the panels’ quality, safety, and durability, thus protecting consumers from substandard products.

SFor inverters, a crucial component of any solar energy system, the certification is given by the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) and the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA). Any solar inverter manufacturers in Thailand must adhere to these regulations to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the inverters.

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in Turkey

To conclude, Thailand is an active player in the renewable energy sector, and this is reflected in its robust solar panel manufacturing industry. From local companies to international brands, a wide array of manufacturers cater to the diverse needs of customers, promoting the use of renewable energy in the country. With the government’s continued support and investment in renewable energy, Thailand’s solar industry is expected to grow even further in the future.

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Custom Solar Panels For Your Industries

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free consulting or samples that you can take advantage of.

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