The solar energy sector in Romania has seen significant growth over the past few years, driven by advancements in technology, a decrease in solar panel prices, and increased environmental awareness. This article provides an in-depth look into the solar energy landscape in Romania, focusing on the supply chain centers, the best solar panel manufacturers, and main fairs for solar companies in the region.

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of Solar Panel Companies in Romania


Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, has emerged as a key supply chain hub for solar panel companies in the country. With its strategic location and developed infrastructure, Bucharest facilitates efficient distribution networks across Romania and to neighboring countries. Companies based here benefit from proximity to major transport routes, including rail, road, and air, which ensures timely delivery of solar panels and related components. The city’s commitment to sustainability and the growing demand for renewable energy solutions have attracted investments in solar energy, bolstering the local economy and creating jobs in the sector.

Moreover, Bucharest’s technological parks and innovation centers offer a conducive environment for research and development in solar technology. Collaborations between universities, start-ups, and established solar companies have led to advancements in solar panel efficiency and the development of new solar products, reinforcing Bucharest’s position as a leading center for solar energy innovation in Romania.


Cluj-Napoca stands out as another pivotal city in Romania’s solar energy supply chain. Known for its vibrant tech scene and academic institutions, the city has fostered a strong community of engineers and innovators focusing on solar technology. Cluj-Napoca’s solar companies benefit from access to cutting-edge research and a skilled workforce, which drives innovation and efficiency in solar panel manufacturing. The city’s emphasis on sustainability and green technology has made it an attractive location for solar energy investments.

Furthermore, Cluj-Napoca’s strategic geographic position enhances its role in the supply chain, enabling effective distribution of solar panels to central and western parts of Romania. The collaboration between the local government, academic institutions, and the private sector in Cluj-Napoca has created a synergistic ecosystem that supports the growth and development of the solar energy industry, positioning the city as a key player in Romania’s transition to renewable energy.

Part 2:Best 4 Solar Panel Manufacturers in Romania

Canadian Solar Romania

Canadian Solar Romania is a subsidiary of the global solar energy giant, Canadian Solar Inc., which has established a strong presence in Romania. Located in Bucharest, this manufacturer stands out for its comprehensive range of high-quality solar panels, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Canadian Solar’s entry into the Romanian market has been marked by its commitment to providing durable and efficient solar solutions, leveraging its global expertise and local knowledge to meet the specific needs of the Romanian market.

The company’s history of innovation and sustainability is reflected in its product offerings, which include cutting-edge solar panels and solar inverters designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. Canadian Solar Romania’s advantage lies in its global supply chain, ensuring the availability of advanced solar technologies at competitive prices. With a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship, Canadian Solar Romania has become a leading name in the solar energy sector, contributing to Romania’s renewable energy goals.

Jinko Solar Romania

Jinko Solar Romania represents the local operations of Jinko Solar, one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers in EU. With its operations based in several Romanian cities, Jinko Solar brings to the market a wide array of solar products, including highly efficient solar panels and solar systems for various applications. The company’s success in Romania is built on its strong foundation of research and development, ensuring that its solar panels offer superior performance and longevity.

Jinko Solar’s commitment to quality and sustainability has made it a preferred choice among Romanian customers, offering solar solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The company’s advantage in the Romanian market lies in its extensive experience and global network, which allows for the integration of the latest solar technologies into its products, making solar energy more accessible and appealing to the Romanian consumer.

Longi Solar Romania

Longi Solar Romania is part of Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., renowned for its high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels. Longi Solar’s presence in Romania underscores its commitment to driving the adoption of solar energy through the provision of advanced solar technology. The company’s manufacturing facility in Romania is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling the production of solar panels that set benchmarks in efficiency and reliability.

Longi Solar’s product range in Romania is designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers, offering solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar projects. The company’s focus on innovation, coupled with its dedication to sustainability, positions Longi Solar as a leader in the Romanian solar energy market, providing customers with solar panels that deliver exceptional performance and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

SunPower Romania

SunPower Romania, a branch of the global solar energy corporation SunPower Corporation, excels in the Romanian market with its premium solar panels known for their high efficiency and durability. SunPower’s investment in Romania reflects its strategy to expand its footprint in the European solar energy market, offering Romanian customers access to some of the most advanced solar technologies available. The company’s products are distinguished by their innovative design and superior performance, catering to a wide range of solar energy applications from residential to large-scale commercial installations.

The advantage of SunPower Romania lies in its comprehensive approach to solar energy solutions, providing customers with not only solar panels but also system design, financing, and post-installation services. This end-to-end service model, combined with the proven reliability and efficiency of its solar panels, establishes SunPower as a trusted partner in Romania’s solar energy sector, driving forward the country’s renewable energy ambitions.

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Part 3:Main Fairs for Solar Companies in Bulgaria to Attend

The SolarBalkan Expo

The SolarBalkan Expo is an essential event for solar companies looking to expand their presence in the Bulgarian and Southeast European markets. This fair provides a unique platform for professionals in the solar energy sector to showcase their latest technologies, engage with potential clients, and forge partnerships. Attendees can expect to explore a wide range of solar products and services, from solar panels and inverters to complete solar systems. The expo also offers valuable insights into market trends, regulatory developments, and investment opportunities in the solar energy industry.

Renewable Energy Balkans Summit

The Renewable Energy Balkans Summit is another key event for solar companies operating in Bulgaria and the broader region. This summit brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and investors to discuss the future of renewable energy in Southeast Europe. With a focus on solar energy, the summit addresses critical topics such as technological innovations, financing models, and sustainable development goals. Participating in this summit offers solar companies a strategic opportunity to network with peers, learn from experts, and position themselves at the forefront of the solar energy transition in the region.

Attending these fairs and obtaining relevant certifications are crucial steps for solar companies in Bulgaria to enhance their market visibility, stay updated with industry trends, and contribute to the growth of solar energy in the region.

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in Romania

The solar energy landscape in Romania is rich with opportunities, driven by innovative solar panel manufacturers and supported by strategic supply chain centers. As the industry continues to evolve, participation in key fairs and adherence to certifications remain essential for companies to stay competitive. Romania’s commitment to renewable energy promises a bright future for solar technology in the region.

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