Mumbai, the bustling metropolis known for its skyscrapers and bustling markets, is also making significant strides in embracing renewable energy, particularly solar power. This transition is spearheaded by a vibrant ecosystem of solar panel manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, making the city a hub for solar energy innovation in India. This article delves into the heart of Mumbai’s solar industry, highlighting the top solar panel manufacturers and the main fairs that companies in this sector should not miss.

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Year Established: 2013 is a leading-edge professional solar panels & inverter manufacturer based in the high-tech hub of Shenzhen, China. Fueled by the creative spirit and expertise of our world-class research and development team, we are at the forefront of the Photovoltaic (PV) and inverter industry, driving innovative solutions that reshape the energy landscape. Our robust supply chain and exceptional manufacturing capability, ensure we maintain an unmatched level of quality and efficiency.

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Part 1.Top 5 Solar Panel Manufacturers in Mumbai

Cleanmax Solar Mumbai

Location and History:Established in the heart of Mumbai, Cleanmax Solar has carved a niche for itself as a leading solar energy company since its inception. Born with a vision to make solar energy accessible to all, Cleanmax Solar has grown exponentially, offering cutting-edge solar solutions.

Product Range and Advantage: With a comprehensive product lineup that includes monocrystalline solar panels and solar inverters, Cleanmax Solar is at the forefront of providing efficient and reliable solar power solutions. Their expertise in solar panel installation in Mumbai and dedication to sustainability make them a preferred choice for businesses and residences alike, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

Ellume Solar Pvt Ltd Mumbai

Location and History: Nestled in Mumbai’s dynamic landscape, Ellume Solar Pvt Ltd stands as a testament to innovation in the solar power sector. Since its foundation, Ellume Solar has been committed to revolutionizing the way solar energy is harnessed, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Product Range and Advantage: Ellume Solar specializes in manufacturing a wide array of solar panels, including thin-film and PV panels, catering to diverse energy needs. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their high-quality products that promise durability and optimum energy generation, making them a trusted solar panel distributor in Mumbai.

Oorjan Cleantech Pvt Ltd Mumbai

Location and History: Oorjan Cleantech Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, is a prominent name in the solar industry, known for its innovative approach to clean energy solutions. Founded with the mission to make renewable energy both affordable and accessible, Oorjan has been a game-changer in the market.

Product Range and Advantage: Offering a versatile range of solar products, from panels to batteries and inverters, Oorjan Cleantech is dedicated to providing holistic solar solutions. Their solar panels are designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring that customers get the most out of their investment. Oorjan’s focus on customer-centric solutions makes them a preferred solar panel supplier in Mumbai.

Treflik Solar

Treflik Solar, with its inception in 2015, leverages over 35 years of manufacturing experience to contribute significantly to the renewable energy sector. The company, rooted in Mumbai, offers a broad spectrum of solar energy solutions including rooftop solar systems, solar water pumps, solar street lights, and solar home solutions. These offerings align with the Government of India’s “Make in India” initiative, showcasing Treflik’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly clean energy. Their expertise spans across distributed solar power, solar farms, and energy storage, indicating a versatile approach to harnessing solar energy for various applications​

PV Power Tech

PV Power Tech sets a benchmark for high efficiency in the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic panels. As a trusted name in the solar industry, the company boasts over 400+ MW of modules installed worldwide, highlighting their global footprint and commitment to quality. Their production capacity is geared towards making a significant impact with a manufacturing capacity of 200 MW per year. The company’s offerings include PV modules, solar rooftops/plants, solar water pumps, EPC services, and solar home lighting solutions, emphasizing their role in energizing a sustainable future. Their dedication is further evidenced by their MNRE SP1B rating, ensuring that their products and services meet high standards of quality and reliability

Part 2:Main Fairs for Solar Panel Companies in Mumbai to Attend

Solar Plus Energy World Expo

The Solar Plus Energy World Expo is a significant event that takes place in Mumbai, offering a comprehensive platform for stakeholders in the renewable energy sector. Scheduled from March 13-15, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO, Goregaon, Mumbai, this expo is not just a trade fair but a summit and awards ceremony that encapsulates the entire renewable energy ecosystem. It features trade, products, equipment, solutions, services, and innovations while fostering official government interactions. This event is crucial for companies looking to expand their footprint in India’s burgeoning renewable energy market, providing unparalleled access to the latest technologies and networking opportunities with industry leaders and government officials .

World Solar Congress

Another key event for solar panel companies in Mumbai is the World Solar Congress. This conference, held on February 18, 2024, at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, emphasizes intelligent solar power management through innovative products and efficient processes. It is a hub for technological advancements and cost reduction strategies in the solar industry, offering a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their capabilities. The congress aims to address the growing demand for energy and the potential for profitable returns in the solar sector, making it a vital platform for solar cell manufacturers and installers to connect with peers and explore new business avenues

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in Mumbai

Mumbai’s role as a beacon for the solar industry is unmistakably highlighted through its solar panel manufacturers and vibrant solar fairs. Companies like Cleanmax Solar, Ellume Solar Pvt Ltd, and Oorjan Cleantech Pvt Ltd underscore the city’s commitment to renewable energy. The Solar Plus Expo and the World Solar Congress further cement Mumbai’s position on the global stage, offering unparalleled opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the solar sector.

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