Solar energy has gained substantial attention worldwide due to its renewable and green nature, and Malaysia is no exception. Malaysia is considered a prime location for solar manufacturing with its favourable climate and government policies. This article explores the top solar panel manufacturers in Malaysia and the certifications required for solar panels in the Malaysian market.

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Best 9 Solar Panel Manufacturer Malaysia

First Solar Malaysia

First Solar is an American-based solar manufacturer with a significant manufacturing base in Malaysia. This Kedah-located company is renowned for its thin-film solar panels. It has continually improved its technology to make these panels more efficient and cost-effective.

First Solar’s notable accomplishment is reaching over 25GW of solar power installed worldwide. They produce CdTe thin-film solar panels which have a smaller carbon footprint and shorter energy payback time than traditional solar panels. The company has made substantial efforts in sustainable manufacturing and is a pioneer in PV recycling.

Panasonic Energy Malaysia

A branch of the global Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic Energy Malaysia, is one of the top solar manufacturers in the country. Located in Kulim, Panasonic manufactures high-efficiency heterojunction solar cells and modules.

Known for their quality and durability, Panasonic solar panels offer a high power output and excellent performance even under high temperatures. The company is committed to creating a better life and a better world by continuously contributing to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the globe.

Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar, a global leader in the solar industry, has an extensive manufacturing presence in Malaysia. It produces a broad range of solar products, including solar modules, cells, and mounting hardware.

Jinko Solar is committed to providing world-class solar products for its clients. They offer both mono and multi-crystalline solar panels. The company’s track record of durable, high-performance products has earned them a spot as one of the top solar panel suppliers in Malaysia.

JA Solar Malaysia

JA Solar, a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance solar products, operates a manufacturing plant in Penang, Malaysia. They manufacture and sell solar cells and modules that are used in both residential and commercial applications.

Known for their advanced solar cell technology and module manufacturing capabilities, JA Solar delivers reliable and efficient products. The company has a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, making it a preferred choice for solar customers in Malaysia.

Hanwha Q CELLS Malaysia

Hanwha Q CELLS is a subsidiary of Hanwha Group, a Fortune Global 500 firm and one of the eight largest businesses in South Korea. The company has a manufacturing facility in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

Hanwha Q CELLS produces high-quality solar cells and modules. The company’s solar panels are well-known for their excellent performance and high energy yields even in less-than-ideal light conditions.

SunPower Malaysia

SunPower is a leading global energy company that has a manufacturing site in Malacca, Malaysia. They manufacture and distribute crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels based on an all-back-contact solar cell invented at Stanford University.

SunPower panels deliver very high efficiency and excellent performance, with an industry-leading warranty to back it up. They offer a variety of panels for residential, commercial, and power plant applications.

LONGi Solar Malaysia

LONGi Solar, a leading dedicated monocrystalline solar cell and module manufacturer, has a manufacturing base in Kuching, Malaysia. It’s the world’s largest producer of monocrystalline silicon wafers, used in the most efficient solar panels.

LONGi Solar has been focusing on MONO for 18 years and is the largest supplier of monocrystalline silicon wafers in the world, providing high-efficiency, cost-effective mono-crystalline solar panels.

LG Electronics Solar Cell Division

LG solar panels are manufactured by a division of LG Electronics in their facilities in South Korea and Malaysia. LG has been involved in a number of high-profile, large-scale solar power projects around the world.

LG Electronics Solar Cell Division provides high-quality photovoltaic modules to customers around the globe. Offering maximum output and performance, even in the limited space, their modules are the ideal solution for all types of homes – from city rooftops to sunny summer cottages.

Canadian Solar Malaysia

A leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions, Canadian Solar has a wide variety of projects around the globe. They have a significant manufacturing presence in Malaysia.

Canadian Solar’s solar panels are recognized for their durability, performance under real-world conditions, and for the company’s commitment to sustainability. They are committed to improving the lives of all those who interact with their products.

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Part 2 Certification for Solar Panel Company in Malaysia

Malaysia Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Certification: SEDA is the principal body dealing with sustainable energy in Malaysia. All solar PV systems intended for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programme must be approved and registered with SEDA.

Malaysian Energy Commission’s Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Certification:

This certification is crucial for any Solar PV installations for the FiT program. It includes testing for safety and reliability.

IEC 61215:

This is a test for crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules, crucial for ensuring the longevity and output of the solar panels.

IEC 61730:

This standard is about the safety qualification of solar panels. It evaluates the mechanical stresses on solar panels to ensure they can withstand external impacts.

Part 3 Main Fairs for Solar Panel Factory in Malaysia to Attend

Malaysia International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition (MIREC WEEK)

This is the leading event for renewable energy, including solar power, in Malaysia. MIREC WEEK brings together local and international solar PV manufacturers, suppliers, and stakeholders, providing a comprehensive showcase of the latest innovations and solutions in the solar industry.

ASEAN Solar Expo & Forum

Part of the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week, this expo is a prime destination for solar panel companies in Malaysia looking to expand their market reach within the ASEAN region. The forum features extensive exhibitions and conferences, offering insights into market trends, policy direction, and cutting-edge solar technologies.

These events not only foster the growth of solar panel companies in Malaysia but also provide an excellent opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers to showcase their products and services to a broader audience, including potential clients from Sabah, Kuching, and beyond.

By participating in these fairs, supplier solar panel Malaysia, and solar panel companies can enhance their visibility, stay updated with industry standards, and contribute to the growth of renewable energy in the region and globally.

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturer Malaysia

In summary, these are the primary solar panel manufacturers in Malaysia that are leading the charge in the nation’s renewable energy sector. These companies are not just noteworthy for their quality solar products, but also for their commitment to sustainable practices and continual innovation. For those seeking to power their homes or businesses with solar energy, these manufacturers offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. In addition to solar panels, it’s crucial to note that several companies also serve as Solar Inverter Manufacturers in Malaysia, providing comprehensive solutions for your solar energy systems. Ultimately, by harnessing the power of the sun, these manufacturers are paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future for Malaysia.

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