The city of Hyderabad, a prominent tech hub in India, is rapidly becoming a focal point for renewable energy advancements, particularly in solar energy. This transformation is supported by a robust network of solar panel manufacturers and solar energy equipment suppliers. In this article, we delve into the top 6 solar panel manufacturers in Hyderabad, providing insights into their location, history, product range, and unique advantages. Additionally, we explore significant fairs for solar manufacturing companies in Hyderabad to attend, highlighting key certifications that underscore the quality and innovation in this sector.

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Part 1.Top 6 Solar Panel Manufacturers in Hyderabad

RenewSys Hyderabad

Located in the bustling industrial area of Hyderabad, RenewSys Hyderabad is a leading figure in the solar panel manufacturing landscape. Founded in the early 2010s, RenewSys has carved a niche for itself with its comprehensive range of solar products, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar PV panels. Their product portfolio is designed to cater to a wide array of applications, from residential rooftop solar systems to large-scale solar power plants. The company’s dedication to sustainability and quality has positioned it as a preferred choice among solar dealers and distributors in Hyderabad.

RenewSys distinguishes itself with a relentless focus on innovation and quality. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad is equipped to produce solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries that meet international standards. The company’s advantage lies in its vertical integration, allowing for rigorous quality control and customization options for clients. RenewSys is not just a manufacturer but a pioneer in the solar energy sector, constantly pushing the boundaries of solar technology.

Surana Solar Limited Hyderabad

Surana Solar Limited, established in Hyderabad, has been a beacon of excellence in the solar manufacturing domain since its inception in the late 2000s. The company’s facility is strategically located to leverage the skilled workforce and robust infrastructure of Hyderabad. Surana Solar offers an extensive array of products, including solar panels, solar cells, and solar lighting systems, emphasizing the use of renewable energy in everyday applications.

The company prides itself on its comprehensive approach to solar power solutions, offering everything from solar panel supplies to complete solar power plant installations. Surana Solar’s dedication to quality is evident in its adherence to international standards, making it a trusted name among solar system manufacturers in Hyderabad. Their commitment to sustainability, coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction, makes them a standout in the solar products manufacturing industry.

Tata Power Solar Hyderabad

Tata Power Solar, a subsidiary of the renowned Tata Group, operates one of its key solar panel manufacturing units in Hyderabad. This location benefits from Tata Power Solar’s rich history, dating back to the 1980s, and its reputation for delivering high-quality solar energy solutions. The company’s product line includes monocrystalline solar panels, thin-film solar panels, and hybrid systems, catering to both residential and commercial customers.

Tata Power Solar’s Hyderabad facility is at the forefront of solar technology innovation, with a significant investment in research and development. This commitment ensures that their solar products not only meet the current demand but are also future-ready. The company’s advantage lies in its extensive experience and the trust it has built over the years, making it one of the most sought-after solar panel suppliers in Hyderabad.

Vikram Solar Hyderabad

Vikram Solar, another heavyweight in the solar manufacturing arena, has established a strong presence in Hyderabad with its advanced solar panel manufacturing facilities. Founded in the mid-2000s, Vikram Solar has quickly become synonymous with high-quality solar PV panels and solar energy systems. Their product range is diverse, including options for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Vikram Solar’s manufacturing capabilities in Hyderabad are bolstered by their commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company is renowned for its custom solar solutions and its ability to meet the specific needs of its clients. Vikram Solar’s dedication to excellence has earned it a reputation among the top solar manufacturers in Hyderabad, with a focus on reliability, performance, and customer service.

Junna Solar Systems

Junna Solar Systems, established in 2006, stands out as a leading business in the manufacturing and exporting of a broad range of agriculture-based solar energy products. Their extensive portfolio includes solar PV modules, rooftop systems, solar water pumps, and solar home lighting systems, showcasing a robust commitment to leveraging solar energy for agricultural and residential applications. Located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Junna Solar Systems has made significant strides in providing rooftop solar solutions across residential, commercial, and industrial domains, marking a substantial impact with over 79 Google reviews reflecting customer satisfaction .

Big G Solar Solutions

Big G Solar Solutions, coming into the scene in 2016, has swiftly ascended as a versatile manufacturer of solar power products. Their product range is diverse, covering solar home lighting systems, solar lighting, and solar power security fencing, alongside an array of Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets and Polycarbonate Sheet Structures. Situated in Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Big G Solar Solutions has excelled in creating solutions tailored from 4KW to 10KW and beyond, receiving commendation for their service quality through customer feedback .

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Part 2: Main Fairs for Solar Manufacturing Companies in Hyderabad to Attend

Hyderabad, with its booming solar industry, hosts several key events and expos that are crucial for solar manufacturing companies looking to expand their network, explore new technologies, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Below are the notable fairs that solar companies in Hyderabad should consider attending:

RenewX 2024

Scheduled to take place in April 2024 at the HITEX Exhibition Center, RenewX aims to accelerate the growth of the South Indian Renewable Energy Industry, including solar energy. This expo is an excellent platform for professionals to network, collaborate, and learn from industry experts and thought leaders, making it a must-attend event for solar manufacturing companies in Hyderabad and beyond

Intersolar India 2024 / The Smarter E India 2024

Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry, dating back to its inception in 1991 in Germany. By 2024, Intersolar India, part of The Smarter E India, will bring together exhibitions and conferences for the solar industry, electrical energy storage, electric mobility, and charging solutions. Set to occur in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this event is pivotal for connecting with business professionals across India and from over 55 countries .

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in Hyderabad

In conclusion, Hyderabad’s solar panel manufacturers and solar energy equipment suppliers play a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy solutions. By participating in key fairs like RenewX, Intersolar India, and Renewable Energy India Expo, these companies showcase their commitment to innovation and sustainability. This vibrant ecosystem ensures Hyderabad remains at the forefront of the solar manufacturing industry, driving progress toward a greener future.

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