The Czech Republic, a country known for its rich history and industrial prowess, is steadily emerging as a leader in the solar energy sector. With an increasing focus on sustainability and renewable energy sources, the nation has witnessed significant growth in the solar panel manufacturing industry. This article explores the intricate supply chain centers spread across various cities, highlights the best solar panel manufacturers within the country, and details essential fairs that companies in this sector should not miss.

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of Solar Panel Companies in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s strategic location in Central Europe makes it an ideal hub for solar panel supply chains. Cities like Prague, Brno, and Ostrava are at the forefront of this logistics network, each playing a crucial role in the manufacturing and distribution process.


Prague, the capital city, is not just the political and economic heart of the country but also a pivotal center for solar technology innovation. The city’s well-established infrastructure supports a seamless supply chain, from raw material procurement to the distribution of finished solar panels. Companies here benefit from excellent transport links and a skilled workforce, facilitating both domestic and international trade.


Moving to Brno, this city is renowned for its technical institutions and research facilities, which contribute significantly to the solar industry. Brno’s strategic position enhances its supply chain capabilities, enabling efficient distribution throughout Europe. The city’s emphasis on innovation and technology makes it a vital player in the solar panel supply network, ensuring access to the latest advancements in solar technology.


Ostrava, with its rich industrial heritage, has adapted its robust manufacturing base to cater to the solar panel sector. Its focus on heavy industry has transitioned towards cleaner, sustainable energy production, including solar. The city’s infrastructure and skilled labor force make it a critical supply chain node, particularly for the production and export of solar panels.

Part 2:Best 4 Solar Panel Manufacturers in Czech Republic

SOLSOL s.r.o.

Location and History: Based in Brno, SOLSOL s.r.o. has been a significant player in the solar energy market since 2012. They specialize in the wholesale of solar panels, inverters, and batteries, serving the Central and Eastern European region.

Product Range and Advantage: The company prides itself on offering a wide range of high-quality solar products from many Tier1 and European brands like Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, AEG, and SUNPOWER MAXEON. As exclusive partners of Growatt, Solar Edge, AEG, and Tigo, they provide comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial inverters and batteries. Their extensive inventory, housed across five large capacity warehouses in the Czech Republic and Holland, ensures immediate product availability. SOLSOL’s recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies, as compiled by The Financial Times in 2020 and 2022, underscores their market influence and success.


Location and History: EKOTECHNIK Czech is a veteran in the solar power industry, having embarked on its journey in 2004. The company boasts a rich history of pioneering some of the first large-scale solar power plants in the Czech Republic and has expanded its operations across various countries.

Product Range and Advantage: EKOTECHNIK offers a comprehensive portfolio, including “turnkey” photovoltaic power plants that utilize modern technologies for energy generation. Their services encompass design, construction, operation, and financing of photovoltaic power plants, ensuring energy independence and savings. The company’s expertise extends to building large photovoltaic installations and small rooftop power plants, with a notable capacity for innovation in ecological power sources for self-consumption.

Raylyst Solar s.r.o.

Established in 2017, Raylyst Solar s.r.o. has rapidly emerged as a leading distributor of photovoltaic components in the European market. The company’s operations extend across a wide geographic area, including Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, and many more.

Product Range and Advantage: Raylyst Solar specializes in providing top-quality and cost-effective PV solutions, including solar panels, inverters, battery storage systems, and mounting structures. As the official distributor of DAH and JA Solar, the company ensures access to premier solar technologies. Their logistical prowess, supported by warehouses in strategic European locations, enables efficient product delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Part 3:Main Fairs for Solar Companies in Czech Republic to Attend

Solar Praha

The Solar Praha is a key event in the Czech Republic, dedicated to photovoltaic and solar energy, marking it as a critical exhibition for industry professionals. Additionally, AMPER stands out as the largest international trade fair in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for electrical engineering, energy, automation, and more, with over 400 exhibitors and 25,000 experts in attendance, emphasizing its significance for networking and discovering industry trends.

Conclusion about Solar Panel Manufacturers in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s solar energy sector is witnessing robust growth, with SOLSOL, EKOTECHNIK Czech, and Raylyst Solar leading the charge in manufacturing. These companies offer innovative solutions, from comprehensive solar systems to advanced photovoltaic technology, catering to a wide range of energy needs. Events like Solar Praha and AMPER play crucial roles in fostering industry connections and showcasing the latest advancements, solidifying the Czech Republic’s position in the global solar energy landscape.

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