Tamilnadu, renowned for its industrial prowess, is now a burgeoning hub for lithium ion battery manufacturers. The state’s strategic industrial centers and innovative companies are driving advancements in battery technology, essential for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and a myriad of electronic applications. This article explores the supply chain centers of battery manufacturers in Tamilnadu and profiles the top three manufacturers leading the industry in 2024.

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Part 1.Supply Chain Centers of Battery Manufacturers in Tamilnadu


Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu, is a significant center for lithium ion battery manufacturers. The city’s infrastructure, including the Ambattur and Guindy Industrial Estates, supports a robust ecosystem for battery production and distribution. Ambattur Industrial Estate, established in the late 1960s, hosts numerous small, medium, and large-scale industries, providing essential resources and logistics support for battery manufacturing. The presence of ancillary industries, such as metalworking and electronics, further bolsters this synergy.

Guindy Industrial Estate, another vital hub established in the 1950s, houses numerous battery manufacturing companies. Its well-planned infrastructure supports the production of a wide range of battery products, including cr2032, cr123a, and 200ah lithium batteries. Both estates are pivotal in ensuring that manufacturers have access to raw materials, components, and efficient logistics networks, crucial for maintaining high production standards and meeting growing market demands.


Coimbatore, known as the ‘Manchester of South India’, is another key player in the lithium ion battery supply chain. The city boasts a rich industrial heritage and a vibrant manufacturing sector. With numerous engineering colleges and research institutions, Coimbatore is a breeding ground for innovation in battery technology. The local industries here focus on producing components and subassemblies, which are critical for the assembly of lithium ion batteries.

In addition, Coimbatore’s strategic location and excellent connectivity to other parts of Tamilnadu and India make it an ideal distribution center. The city’s manufacturers benefit from a well-established supply chain, enabling them to efficiently produce and distribute high-quality batteries for various applications, including electric vehicles and solar energy storage systems.

Part 2.Top 3 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Tamilnadu

Raasi Group

The Raasi Group is setting up a cutting-edge lithium ion battery manufacturing unit in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu. This initiative, in collaboration with the Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), aims to leverage indigenous technology for producing high-quality lithium ion cells. The facility will focus on making lithium ion batteries affordable and accessible for electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Raasi Group’s strategic partnerships and investment in advanced manufacturing technologies position it as a significant player in the lithium ion battery market. The group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in their approach to integrating cutting-edge research with practical manufacturing solutions, making them a key contributor to Tamilnadu’s growing prominence in the renewable energy sector.

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.

Located in the Guindy Industrial Estate, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. is a prominent name in the battery manufacturing sector. Established in 1985, Amara Raja has evolved into one of India’s largest producers of lead-acid batteries. In recent years, the company has expanded its portfolio to include lithium ion batteries, capitalizing on its extensive experience and technological capabilities.

Amara Raja offers a wide range of lithium battery systems, including 12v batteries, 48v lithium ion batteries, and custom solutions tailored for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The company’s advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality control measures ensure the reliability and high performance of their products. Amara Raja’s commitment to sustainability and continuous innovation makes it a leader in the lithium ion battery industry​.

Exide Industries Ltd.

Exide Industries Ltd., headquartered in the Ambattur Industrial Estate, has a rich legacy dating back to 1947. Initially known for its high-quality lead-acid batteries for automotive and industrial applications, Exide has successfully diversified into the production of lithium ion batteries in response to growing market demands for energy-efficient solutions.

Exide’s product range includes lifepo4 batteries, cr123a batteries, and high-capacity solutions like the 200ah lithium battery. The company’s robust R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing processes ensure that their batteries meet the highest standards of safety and performance. With a strong distribution network and excellent customer support, Exide continues to be a trusted name in the battery manufacturing industry in Tamilnadu​.

Conclusion about Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in Tamilnadu 

Tamilnadu’s emergence as a hub for lithium ion battery manufacturers in Inida underscores the state’s strategic importance in India’s renewable energy landscape. With robust supply chain centers in cities like Chennai and Coimbatore, and leading manufacturers such as primroot.com, Amara Raja, Exide, and Raasi Group, Tamilnadu is well-equipped to meet the rising demand for sustainable and energy-efficient power solutions. As the industry continues to grow, these manufacturers will play a crucial role in driving innovation and ensuring the availability of high-quality lithium ion batteries for various applications.

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