The Australian market has seen a significant rise in the demand for renewable energy solutions, and solar batteries play an essential role in this domain. Inverter batteries are key components in solar systems as they store the energy produced by the solar panels. This article highlights the top 7 solar battery manufacturers in Australia, shedding light on their product range and contribution to the renewable energy sector.

Location (Headquarters): Shenzhen, China
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The Solar Battery Manufacturers in Australia

Redflow Limited

Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Product Range: ZBM2, ZCell

SMA is renowned for its comprehensive product range, serving both residential and commercial solar power systems. Its constant pursuit of innovation and technological excellence, alongside high standards of quality and reliability, makes it a favoured choice among solar power practitioners in Europe.

Redflow Limited, located in Brisbane, is a leading inverter battery company in Australia that specializes in zinc-bromine flow batteries. The company’s ZBM2 battery is particularly suitable for industrial, commercial, telecommunications, and grid-scale applications. ZCell, another product, is designed for residential solar systems. The unique zinc-bromine flow battery technology offers several advantages over traditional lead-acid and lithium batteries, including thermal stability, high energy density, and a longer lifespan.

Alpha-ESS Australia

Location: Norwood, South Australia
Product Range: Storion Series

Alpha-ESS Australia is renowned as an innovative inverter manufacturer, specializing in providing intelligent energy storage solutions. Their Storion series comprises hybrid inverters with built-in energy management systems. These products cater to residential and small commercial applications and are known for their reliability, flexibility, and easy integration with solar systems.

Gelco Services

Location: Lonsdale, South Australia
Product Range: AGM batteries, GEL batteries, Lithium batteries

As an established inverter battery company, Gelco Services offers a range of batteries, including AGM batteries, GEL batteries, and Lithium batteries. Their AGM batteries are known for high performance, low self-discharge rates, and durability. GEL batteries, on the other hand, are ideal for deep-cycle applications due to their stability and long service life. Their Lithium batteries are lightweight and can handle high charge and discharge rates

Amptron Electrical

Location: Brendale, Queensland
Product Range: Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries, Lead Crystal Batteries

Amptron Electrical is an inverter battery factory based in Queensland. Their Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are ideal for renewable energy systems due to their long lifespan, lightweight, and high energy density. Additionally, their Lead Crystal Batteries are a unique offering that combines the best of lead-acid and AGM batteries, providing a safe and durable solution for energy storage.

Allgrand Battery

Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Product Range: AGM batteries, GEL batteries, Deep Cycle batteries

Allgrand Battery, based in Sydney, is a major player in the inverter battery sector. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality AGM batteries, GEL batteries, and Deep Cycle batteries. Their products are widely used for solar applications, UPS, telecommunications, and other renewable energy systems. Allgrand Battery is committed to innovation and sustainability in energy storage solutions.

Century Batteries

Location: Carole Park, Queensland
Product Range: Deep Cycle batteries, AGM batteries, Dual Force+ batteries

Century Batteries is an iconic Australian brand with a history dating back to 1928. The company specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of batteries, including Deep Cycle batteries, AGM batteries, and their innovative Dual Force+ batteries. Their products are suitable for various applications including solar systems, marine, and industrial settings. Century Batteries is known for its strong emphasis on innovation and quality.

Magellan Power

Location: Bibra Lake, Western Australia
Product Range: Energy Storage Systems, Custom Battery Solutions

Magellan Power, based in Western Australia, is a leader in the Australian renewable energy sector. They manufacture custom Energy Storage Systems for grid support and renewable energy integration. Their product range also includes custom battery solutions for specialized applications. Magellan Power is known for its focus on innovation, and its products are highly regarded for their reliability and efficiency.

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Conclusion about Solar Battery Manufacturers in Australia

Australia’s growing renewable energy sector is supported by various inverter battery manufacturers that offer diverse and innovative products. From Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries to Amptron Electrical’s Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, these companies play an integral role in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of renewable energy systems. For those seeking energy storage solutions, considering these manufacturers can be a great start.

Moreover, these eight manufacturers are not just leading in the European market, but also setting standards worldwide. Their pursuit of technological innovation, their commitment to quality, and their focus on sustainability make them ideal partners in the global quest for renewable energy. As Europe continues to strive for a more sustainable future, these manufacturers remain at the forefront, providing reliable, efficient, and innovative solar inverters that are shaping the face of solar power across the continent.

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